Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheel by Truespoke - 15 X 6 or 15 X 7 Inches
Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheel by Truespoke - 15 X 6 or 15 X 7 Inches

Cadillac Brougham 50-Spoke Truespoke Wire Wheel

Your Price: $575.00
Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheel by Truespoke for rear wheel drive Cadillacs 1957-1996
Part Number: Brougham50WW

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Truespoke Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheels
Above price is for one wheel, one round center-cap with a Cadillac emblem or a 3-bladed spinner with Cadillac emblem, 5 lug nuts, 5 washers and a valve stem. Select four wheels to purchase a full set please.
For rear wheel drive only automobiles. Will not fit or work on front wheel drive vehicles.
50 chrome plated steel spokes and nipples.
To minimize tire bulging and possible contact with the fender skirt or body,
we recommend using a 7 inch wide wheel for P235/70 or P235/75R15 tires. Smaller tire sizes can use the 15 X 6 inch model.

Standard round cap with GM licensed restoration part Cadillac emblem or 3-bladed spinner. Please take your choice.
Standard size 15 X 6 or 7 inch width. We can supply this wheel with 5 on 5", 5 on 4.75" and 5 on 4.5" bolt patterns. Plain cap is available without Cadillac emblem if desired.
Tubeless construction.
Special order sizes 13 - 18 " diameters.
Also available in reverse patterns on special order.
Standard package comes with the cap and emblem as shown, 2 or 3-bladed spinner caps with Cadillac medallions, lug nuts, washers and chrome valve stems.
Tires and shipping are not included.
Truespoke limited warranty

Options: Stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples. The stainless steel is hand-polished, 302 grade material made in California.
These wheels are generally in stock. If not, the build-time could be 1-2 months.
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