Truespoke "Flat-Top" Hubcap
Truespoke "Flat-Top" Hubcap

Truespoke Flat-Top Hubcap

Your Price: $35.00
Truespoke hub cap has flat surface. Useful for running emblems, medallions or 1959-60 Chevrolet spinner caps.
Part Number: TSFlat
  • Truespoke "Flat-Top" Hubcap
  • Chrome plated steel material.
  • Fits in hubcap holes measuring 6.165"
  • Great surface to attach an emblem, medallion or 1959-60 Chevrolet spinner cap.
  • Adjustable tangs and springs to fit hubcap holes tighter.
  • Will not fit snuggly on hubcap holes larger than 6.200 inches. You may need to use electrical tape, silicone or Loctite to securely fasten the cap.
  • Price shown is for each hubcap

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