72 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheel. Triple Cross-Lace Style is shown. Reverse (deep dish style). HEX style knock off with Dayton Emblem
72 Spoke Dayton Wire Wheel. Triple Cross-Lace Style is shown. Reverse (deep dish style). HEX style knock off with Dayton Emblem

Dayton Wire Wheels Triple Cross Lace Knock-Off Style

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Dayton Triple Cross-Lace, Wire Wheels - USA Made - The finest knock-off style wheel that money can buy

The price shown is for one wheel with one adapter and one knock-off hub and emblem.
Please click here to view all Dayton Sizes, Styles and Back Space Settings.
Triple Cross-Lace Dayton Wire Wheels are available in 13 to 20 inches. Lip-Lace, Standard and Reverse Styles.
You must purchase a set of four to receive the hammer or hub removal tool, free of charge.
Serving the Wire Wheel enthusiast since 1916
The Wire Wheel never needs truing.
3 Year Limited Warranty on the finish and structure. Rust is not covered by this warranty and is an owner, maintenance issue.
Polished Stainless Steel Spokes
Forged Steel Hub
True Knock Off Design Wire Wheels
Tubeless construction
Please call or email us prior to order to check our inventory.
Orders that are not in stock may take up to 90 days or more to build to your order.
We make no guarantee of fitment. Wheels that you select or that are larger, wider or have different backspaces than the original wheels your car came equipped with may not fit your car. Please let us help you select the correct wheel for your car. Wheels that do not fit due to no fault of our own are NOT returnable. Please measure carefully before ordering. Thank you.

The Dayton Difference!

Stainless steel spokes which can’t rust and have twice the strength of chrome plated spokes.
Four layer nickel chrome plating in Dayton's own modern facility. Thicker plating than any other wheel on the market.
100% pressure leak testing of every tubeless wheel.
Perma-True™ Technology—Dayton Wire Wheels™ are designed to be maintenance free which means they never need re-truing or re-tightening. This achievement is the result of a special combination of materials, design, and assembly techniques.
3 Year Limited Warranty
Dayton Wire Wheels™, make their our own wheels from their own parts for unrivaled quality.
Please Click here to download Dayton's 3 year limited warranty.
Dayton Wire Wheels™ engraves every Dayton knock-off wire wheel with their trademark logo and an individual serial number that you can register in your own name. This combination proves you have a genuine Dayton Dayton Wire Wheels™ give you a ride that is sure to turn heads whether you are on the street or at the show.
Please click here for Dayton Wire Wheels™ Installation Instructions for Knockoff style wire wheels.

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