Knock-Off Style Wire Wheels

Lowrider Style Knockoff Wire Wheels

Truewire® Wire Wheels are imported from China and offered by Truespoke® to our customers who prefer knock-off style wire wheels
We offer 72 and 100-spoke straight lace and 72-spoke cross lace styles
Sizes: 13 to 22 inches
Standard or Reverse types
Rear Wheel Drive Only
60 day limited warranty
Sold by the set. Each set includes four wire wheels, four adapters, four knock-off hubs of your choice, four medallions (if desired) and a hammer or wrench.
Tires and shipping are not included in our prices.
If you require more or less than four wheels, please call us at 760-731-8303 M-F, 9-5 PST to place your order.
Thank you.