Goodyear 775/15 Power Cushion Red Stripe
Goodyear 775/15 Power Cushion Red Stripe

Goodyear Power Cushion 775/15 - .350" Red Stripe

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Part Number:GY775/15PC350R/S
  • If you are into mid-year Corvettes, then this is the Goodyear tire for you.

  • GM requested a lower profile, wider tread tire specifically for these cars and Goodyear responded with the Power Cushion.

  • A splendid performer guaranteed to capture the most judging points for your fabulous mid-year Corvette.


Rim Width

Section Width

Overall Diameter

Rev./ Mile

Tread Width

Sidewall Design







.350" Red Stripe 1967 only

  • Note: For all tires each ½” change, + or -, in rim section width will result in a .2” change in the inflated tire section width.

  • NOTE: The 31/32” w/w is to be used exclusively on the 1965 cars. The 5/8” w/w is to be used for both 1966 and 1967 cars. The G/S or gold stripe is to be used for 1965 and 1966 cars. The R/S or red stripe is to be used specifically for the 1967 cars. The BLK is applicable to all ’65 thru ’67 cars.
  • All non-Corvette O.E. 775/15 applications were fitted with the Goodyear Power Cushion broad market tire. Although identical in design optics, this tire carried inflated dimensions resulting in a taller O.D. and narrower inflated section width and tread radius.

  • Construction: 2-ply nylon tubeless.
  • Rolling Circumference: 86.74"
  • Load capacity: 1,490 pounds @ 32 PSI

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