Goodyear G70/14 - Blackwall is not shown
Goodyear G70/14 - Blackwall is not shown

Goodyear G70/14 - Custom Wide Tread 2/2 Polyglas Blackwall

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Goodyear G70/14 - Custom Wide Tread 2/2 Polyglas Blackwall O.E. for 1968-1974
Part Number: GYG70/CWTBW

’70 Series Polyglas - G70/14 - Blackwall Custom Wide Tread 2/2 Polyglas O.E. for 1968-1974


Goodyear Polyglas! Simply the pinnacle of hustle muscle rubber on the road. Detroit wrapped its arms around this one, with good reason. The polyester body plies wrapped with two circumferential belts of fiberglass controlled all the vigor your right foot and nerves could stand. As was often said “Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.” The vaunted Goodyear Polyglas stood the test, and still does!

Size Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Rolling Circumference Rev./ Mile Tread Width Sidewall Design
G70/14 6-8” 8.90” 26.81” 84.23” 752 6.90” Blackwall



Note: For all tires each ½” change, + or -, in rim section width will result in a .2” change in the inflated tire section width.
Construction: Two polyester body plies with two under tread circumferential belts of fiberglass.
Maximum load capacity: 1,620 pounds @ 32 PSI
N/S – Tire size not visible in white letters and numerals.
E/S – Tire size elevated in white letter and numerals.
R/S – Red stripe
W/S – White stripe
N/S – To be used with cars having build dates from late model year ’68 thru 10/31/69.
E/S – To be used with vehicle build dates from 1/1/70 forward.
N/S and E/S tires may be used from 11/1/69 thru 12/31/69. This is the time period when the design running change took place. Both N/S and E/S tires have the words Goodyear and Polyglas elevated in small solid white lettering.

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