Goodyear F70/15 Speedway Wide Tread Raised White Letters
Goodyear F70/15 Speedway Wide Tread - Raised White Letters

Goodyear F70/15 Speedway Wide Tread Raised White Letters

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F70/15 Speedway Raised White Letters

The 1968 Stingray was the start of a new generation Corvette. This platform involved several chassis design changes to include wider based tire and wheel assemblies. The engineers from GM chassis design working in conjunction with their counterparts at Goodyear, advanced tire development by designing the F70/15 Goodyear Speedway wide tread, and what a tire it is. Although belted bias construction existed, the belted tires caused the Stingray chassis to begin drifting when cornering at a lower rate of speed. That had to go, the Goodyear Speedway non-belted tire solved the problem. Allowing the Corvette to attain a higher level of performance.

Nylon body ply tires were exclusively used on this high performance platform to further enhance impact resistance and heat dissipation. Lessons learned from NASCAR, F-1, Indy car and drag racing. Goodyear F70/15 Speedway Wide Treads are unique in bringing you this total O.E. package. Maximum performance on the street or judging field, with Goodyear you’re “Doing It Right”.
Construction: 2-ply nylon tubeless.
Maximum load capacity: 1,500 pounds
Rolling Circumference: 82.5"



Rim Width

Section Width

Overall Diameter

Rev./ Mile

Tread Width

Sidewall Design







Raised White Letters

The ’68 corvette was delivered with 7” rims, thus the inflated section width will be reduced to 8.75”. ’69 thru ’72 Corvettes all used 8” rim section widths. It should be noted that the last 2000 Corvettes produced in ’69 could have been fitted with the raised white letter version of this tire. This is the PU9 code on the tank sticker, should yours still be with the car. N/F – This designation used by Goodyear in ’68 and ’69 only. N/F means “non flat spotting”. This pertained to the type of nylon fabric used in these tires and is so contained in the construction statement of the tires to be used for authentic ’68 and ’69 Corvette restoration.

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