Goodyear Eagle GT P215/65R15
Goodyear Eagle GT P215/65R15

Goodyear Eagle GT P215/65R15

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Goodyear Eagle GT P215/65R15
Part Number: Eagle GT P215/65R15
Eagle GT  P215/65 – R15
  • With the dawning of the "Eighties", vehicle platforms were changing. Automobile styling and overall package optics were rapidly unfolding for the worlds review. Goodyear, through its' advanced tire development team, marched in lock step with Detroit.
  • The Goodyear Eagle GT was hatched. A name and product synonymous with prowess and performance. One could say "Top Of The Food Chain". Set yourself apart from the crowd. Make your selection with pride from the Goodyear Eagles Nest. We await your arrival.
  • Contruction: 2 polyester plies, 2 steel belts, & 1 nylon overlay.
  • UTQG: 200AB.
  • Tread Depth: 12/32nds
  • Sidewall Design: Outlined white letters
  • Maximum load: 1,510 pounds @ 35 PSI
Tire Size Measured Rim Width Approved Rim Widths Inflated Overall Diameter Inflated Section Width Rolling Circumference Rev/Mile Tread Width
P215/65 – R15 6.0" 5.5” to 7.5” 26.02" 8.5" 81.74” 803 7.4"

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