Goodyear 775/15 Speedway Blue Streak Raised White Letters with Blue Stripe
Goodyear 775/15 Speedway Blue Streak with Raised White Letters. Shown with a finned allow wheel and spinner, knock-off

Goodyear 775/15 Speedway Blue Streak Raised White Letters with Blue Stripe

Your Price: $435.00
Part Number:GY775/15SpeedwayBSRWL
775/15 Speedway Blue Streak, Raised White Letters & Blue Stripe
Construction: Full four ply nylon, tubeless.
Maximum load capacity: 1,490 pounds @ 32 psi.
Size Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Rolling Circumference Rev./ Mile Tread Width
775/15 5.5” 8.25” 26.51” 83.25” 761 4.75”
For all tires, each 1/2" change, + or -, in rim section width will result in a .2 inch change in the inflated tire section width.
Note: How to protect your White Walls and Raised White Lettering
Statement concerning the protection of the white walls:  Upon receipt of your Goodyear wide white wall or raised white letter classic tires, and prior to the fitment to the vehicle, do not allow the black portion of any other tire to encounter the white wall or raised white letters of the tires being installed. Should this happen you will notice a radius or circumferential brown carbon black transfer stain. This stain only happens during the process of tire installation when the tires are unwrapped and most vulnerable. This stain can be successfully removed, however not with conventional white wall cleaners.  Please make sure the tire technician doing the installing of your classic Goodyear tires is fully aware of the proper handling procedures.

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