304 Pages. Over 600 color photographs. Foreword by Tom Tjaarda
304 Pages. Over 600 color photographs. Foreword by Tom Tjaarda

Extreme Panteras by David and Linda Adler

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Extreme Panteras 304 pages. All color 600 photographs. DeTomaso Pantera books. Foreword by Tom Tjaarda
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  • 304 Pages of all color photographs of modified DeTomaso Panteras.
  • Over 600 color photographs. Both national and International cars are shown.
  • Foreword written by Tom Tjaarda revealing his true thoughts about modified Panteras.
  • Book size: 11 X 8.5 inches. Landscape style.
  • Content: David and Linda Adler have owned and driven all types and forms of DeTomaso Automobiles. Modified and Extreme Panteras have always been especially interesting for them. This photo archive captures a broad selection of Panteras from very minor changes to completely over-the-top modifications.
  • Going back from 1972 to the present, the reader can experience the artistry as well as the uniqueness of modifications that Pantera owners have made to their cars.
  • Panteras shown: Push-button, Pre-L, L, GTS, GT5, GT5-S, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Si, Group C and other unique examples and prototypes.
  • This book has minimal amounts of text and is meant to be a photo archive. Large color photos were given priority over text.
  • Recommended for all DeTomaso owners and enthusiasts but not for those that cannot enjoy any other form of a Pantera other than 100% original.
  • Book signing is included if desired.

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