Chrome Plated Smoothie Wheel - 15 X 6 Inch Diameter
Chrome Plated Smoothie wheel is shown with free Baby Moon hubcap. Shipping is not included.

Chrome Plated Smoothie Wheel - 15 X 6 Inch Diameter

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15 X 6 Inch Chrome Plated Smoothie Wheel
All prices shown are per wheel
Bolt patterns available: 5 on 4.5", 5 on 4.75" (Center Bore: 81.03mm), 5 on 5", 5 on 5.500" (Center Bore: 94.23mm) and 6 on 5.500" (Center Bore: 108.71mm)
4 on 130mm (Center Bore: 83.82mm) 4 on 4.25" and 4 on 4.5" (Center Bore: 81.03mm), 5 on 100mm (Center Bore: 81.03mm)
STANDARD BACKSPACES BASED ON BOLT PATTERNS: 5 on 4.5" and 5 on 4.75": Backspace = 3.750". 5 on 5 and 5 on 5.5": Backspace = 3.750". 6 on 5.5": Backspace = 3.750". 5 X 100mm: Backspace = 4.125". 4 X 130mm: Backspace = 3.750". 4 on 4.25 and 4 on 4.5": Backspace = 3.625".
Reverse ("deep-dish") style Chrome Plated Smoothie Wheels are not available. Only Bare Smoothie wheels are available in Reverse styles.
Load Capacity: 1,500 pounds

Construction: All Steel.
Chrome Plated Steel
Inside knob for hubcaps is 7 1/2".
Chrome Baby Moon hubcap is included with each wheel.
Hubcaps (Other than the free Baby Moon hubcap), are not included. Lug nuts are not included.
NOTE: Only the hubcaps we sell will fit these wheels. Original hubcaps and other brands may not work on our wheels. We offer no guarantee that they will fit, only our own.
Please use our measuring guide for accuracy.

Please click here to view and download our measuring guide
Custom built wheels are not returnable
, therefore, let us help you make the right selection.

We can also build custom backspaces in standard styles only for $15.00 extra per wheel.

Please click here to view our custom back space availabilities
Please click here to view our hub caps and trim rings
All wheels are shipped directly to you from US Wheels in California where they are built.
Please email or call us to discuss your requirements.


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