Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheel by Truespoke - 15 X 6 Inches
Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheel by Truespoke - 15 X 6 Inches

Cadillac Brougham 50-Spoke Truespoke Wire Wheel

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  • Truespoke Brougham-50 Cadillac Wire Wheels

    • Above price is for one wheel, one round center-cap with a Cadillac emblem or a 3-bladed spinner with Cadillac emblem, 5 lug nuts, 5 washers and a valve stem. Select four wheels to purchase a full set please.
    • For rear wheel drive only automobiles. Will not fit or work on front wheel drive vehicles.
    • 50 chrome plated steel spokes and nipples.
    • To minimize tire bulging and possible contact with the fender skirt or body,
       we recommend using a 7 inch wide wheel for P235/70 or P235/75R15 tires. Smaller tire sizes can use the 15 X 6 inch model.
    • Standard round cap with GM licensed restoration part Cadillac emblem or 3-bladed spinner. Please take your choice.
    • Standard size 15 X 6 or 7 inch width. We can supply this wheel with 5 on 5", 5 on 4.75" and 5 on 4.5" bolt patterns. Plain cap is available without Cadillac emblem if desired.
    • Tubeless construction.
    • Special order sizes 13 - 18 " diameters.
    • Also available in reverse patterns on special order.
    • Standard package comes with the cap and emblem as shown or 3-bladed spinner, lug nuts, washers and chrome valve stems.
    • Tires and shipping are not included.
    • Truespoke limited warranty
    • Options: Stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples. The stainless steel is hand-polished, 302 grade material made in California. 
    • These wheels are generally in stock. If not, the build-time is 1-2 months.
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