Truespoke All-Chrome Cadillac Wire Wheel
Truespoke All-Chrome Cadillac Wire Wheel

Cadillac Chrome Kelsey Hayes Style Wire Wheels

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Kelsey Hayes Style All-Chrome Truespoke Cadillac Wire Wheels
Part Number: CadKHTS48WW
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  • Truespoke All-Chrome Wire Wheels - Kelsey Hayes Style

  • Rear Wheel Drive Only
  • Above price is for one Truespoke, all-chrome wire wheel and center cap with emblem.
  • 48 Cross-lace pattern spokes.
  • All surfaces are chrome plated steel.
  • Center cap is chrome plated steel with a Genuine GM Restoration part, metal Cadillac emblem.
  • Rear wheel drive only. These wheels will NOT fit on front wheel drive automobiles.
  • Select your year: 1941 to 1956 OR 1957 to 1996 Rear Wheel Drive Only
  • Wheel size: 15 X 6 inches. This wheel measures 7 inches in overall width. Recommended for tire sizes P205/75R15 and P215/75R15, not larger tire sizes.
  • Wheel size: 15 X 7 inches. This wheel measures 8 inches in overall width. Recommended for tire sizes P225/75R15 and P235/70R15 P235/75R15, not smaller sizes. A 7 inch rim is necessary to prevent the sidewall of the tire from bulging over the lip of the rim, possibly rubbing on the body of the car or fender skirt. Please email or call us with any questions about wheel and tire sizes for your automobile.
  • Kelsey Hayes style
  • Larger sizes 16 - 18 inch diameters and up to 10" widths available at extra cost. Please email or call us for more information.
  • Please click here for a comparison of stainless steel vs. chrome steel.
  • Truespoke limited warranty.
  • Shipping and tires are not included.
  • Copper/Nickel/Chrome plating on all surfaces
  • Truespoke quality since 1974
  • Please click here to view our Cadillac wheel and tire packages
  • View our Customer's Cadillac Car Show

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