Cadillac 72 Spoke Knock-Off Wire Wheels 15 X 7 Inch
Hex Cap Shown has 8-sided pattern with no blades.

Cadillac 72 Spoke Knock-Off Wire Wheels 15 X 7 Inch

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? From our Truewire® Division comes this all-new, 72 spoke, cross-lace wire wheel.
     The price shown is for one wheel with one adapter and one knock-off. Purchasing four or more wheels, we will include at no extra charge, a hammer or wrench.
  ? Created for rear wheel drive Cadillacs built from 1957 to 1996. These wheels will not fit or work on front wheel drive or pre-1957 Cadillac automobiles.
  ? Chrome plated steel construction.
  ? Tubeless construction.
  ? This is a knock-off style wheel. These are not direct-bolt-on type wheels. The wheels come with bolt-on adapters. The adapter bolts on to your car and then the wheel slides over the adapter and is secured by the knock-off hub.
 ?  Each set of four wheels comes with four wheels, four knock-off hubs, either the 2-bladed knock-off or HEX-style knock- offs, four Cadillac emblems, four valve stems and a hammer or wrench to fasten the knock-off. If you are purchasing just one wheel, you will receive one wheel, one adapter and one knock-off of your choice. The hammer or wrench only comes with the set of four. The hammer may be purchased separately.

  ? These wheels come with a 60 day limited warranty.
  ?  These wheels are Truewire brand and are made in China. The quality is very high, especially for the price.
  ? 15 X 7 inch size - Standard Pattern with a four inch backspace. Reverse style wheels are not available.
  ?  Prices shown do not include tires or shipping.
      Wheel and tire packages are available at extra cost.

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