Bullet Lug Nuts
Bullet Lug Nut - Acorn style shown. Price shown is per lug nut.

Bullet Lug Nuts

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Part Number:Bullet Lug Nuts

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Lug nut type
  • Bullet Lug Nuts
  • Looking for an aggressive and very cool look?
  • These bullet lug nuts look great on all wheels especially chrome rims or colored with trim rings.
  • Please select your desired thread pattern and acorn or shank style
  • Thread patterns: 7/16" and 1/2"
  • Lug nut styles: Acorn or Shank ( 3/4")
  • If you aren't sure which style you need, simply call or email us.
  • Price: $3.00 each (does not include washers)

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